Arcot 2024 - Merchant 3D Secure Initiative - an offer to US, UK and Global Merchants

As part of Arcot’s mission to ensure merchants receive the highest levels of security and approval rates on eCommerce, Arcot, the recognized leader in 3D Secure is offering the following as part of a 2024 initiative: Arcot is offering merchants an opportunity to leverage the Arcot issuer base (5k+ issuers) and work together to increase approval rates by over 7% and enhance authentication performance.

Current 3DS Implementation Issues

Whether it is data packaging, latency, uptime, or overall configuration, too often 3D Secure is not optimized. Arcot wants to resolve these issues and has a 3DS offering specifically designed to work with our Arcot issuers. This provides merchants with the highest levels of performance, a dual supplier approach with the scale to manage all your transactions in the future. 

Arcot Key Components 

  1. Arcot 3DS Server - A fully compliant 3DS Server implemented with the required compliance, security, resilience, and performance you would expect from the global leader in 3DS.
  2. Arcot Merchant Risk Score - Complement your existing risk score and communicate more effectively with issuers on transaction risk, in turn reducing friction and supporting customers.
  3. Issuer Data - Arcot will return issuer perspectives from a unique issuer data set (including issuer risk score and reason codes) to further enhance decision-making.
  4. Fully Funded - Arcot will set up, service, and support a 3DS Server for you at no cost and use an API gateway to leverage your existing connections and feeds.
  5. Competitive Rates - Arcot will charge on a per transaction basis.
  6. Assigned Consultants - Arcot’s team of experts will support Arcot 3DSS to Arcot ACS optimization to drive better authentication results and approval rates.

How it works

With over 20 years of experience working with issuers and merchants Arcot is uniquely placed to solve the problem of false declines. 

If you are using 3D Secure today, chances are Arcot is already processing those requests. We can share that data with you via a customer, merchant specific, Arcot Scorecard (see below the sample reports and a video walkthrough).

View a Sample Value Report and Scorecard

Value Report: Executive Summary Report

Three focus areas:

  • Cardholder Experience - Improved experience through frictionless authentication
  • Prevent Fraud & Reduce Risk - Reduced fraud exposure through analytics and data science
  • Platform Resilience & Scale - Superior performance through engineering and operations excellence

Scorecard: Detailed Data Report 

Five key areas:

  • Transaction Flow - Describes the flow of transactions and value through the system, looking at the outcomes of both frictionless and challenged transactions.
  • The Executive Summary - Compares key metrics against both the portfolio as well as against peer portfolios for the same time.
  • The EMV sheet - Provides detailed information about transactions in the EMV 2.x flow, including information on the reasons why transactions and challenges fail.
  • Low-level definitions of metrics used in the scorecard.

A walk-through of the scorecard

Where do I start? 

Arcot believes in using data-driven decision making. Sign up for the Arcot Authentication scorecard to see your current performance for 3DS. Arcot believes in the power of data-driven decision making. If you’re a major merchant or processor using 3DS today, Arcot will provide an Arcot Authentication Scorecard with a detailed breakdown including peer analysis, performance by the issuer, and key metrics. From here we can identify issues and work together to resolve including the option of leveraging the Arcot platform. 

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